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Property All of moneragala
Commercial Property - hotel for sale in monaragala! in Moneragala

Hotel for sale in Monaragala!

Commercial Property, Moneragala

Rs 35,000,000

18 Jun 2021, 5:45pm

Land - ikmanin wikunanu labe in Kataragama

ikmanin wikunanu labe

Land, Kataragama

Rs 650,000

27 Jan 2021, 3:21pm

Land - වගා කිරීමට සුපිරි ඉඩමක් in Buttala

වගා කිරීමට සුපිරි ඉඩමක්

Land, Buttala

Rs 3,000,000

25 Jan 2021, 12:36pm

Land - පොල් ඉඩමක් in Buttala

පොල් ඉඩමක්

Land, Buttala

Rs 4,000,000

25 Jan 2021, 12:36pm

Land - immediate sale- 40 perches land in monaragala in Moneragala

Immediate Sale- 40 Perches Land in Monaragala

Land, Moneragala


21 Dec 2020, 3:31pm

Commercial Property - buttata agricultural land for sale in Matara

Buttata Agricultural land for sale

Commercial Property, Matara

Rs 1,200,000

5 Jul 2020, 5:41pm

Land - land for sale in wellawaya in Wellawaya

Land for sale in Wellawaya

Land, Wellawaya

Rs 7,000,000

3 Jul 2020, 11:11am

Houses - house for sale in Wellawaya

House for sale

Houses, Wellawaya

Rs 4,800,000

26 Jun 2020, 4:33pm

Land - land for sale in Moneragala

Land for Sale

Land, Moneragala

Rs 1,450,000

12 Mar 2020, 5:04am

Land - බිබිලෙන් වටිනා ඉඩමක් විකිනීමට in Bibile

බිබිලෙන් වටිනා ඉඩමක් විකිනීමට

Land, Bibile

Rs 75,000

18 Jan 2020, 10:19am

Houses - house for sale with land in Wellawaya

House for Sale with Land

Houses, Wellawaya

Rs 17,000,000

17 Jan 2020, 5:09am

Houses - single story house for sale in Buttala

Single story house for sale

Houses, Buttala

Rs 8,700,000

1 Dec 2019, 8:28am

Houses - house for sale(money urgent) in Moneragala

House For Sale(money urgent)

Houses, Moneragala

Rs 22,750,000

18 Sep 2019, 5:09am

Land - vatina idamak ikmanin vikineemata atha in Moneragala

Vatina idamak ikmanin vikineemata atha

Land, Moneragala


9 Sep 2019, 5:30pm

Houses - house for rent @ sella in Kataragama

House for rent @ sella

Houses, Kataragama

Rs 75,000

15 Aug 2019, 7:45pm

Houses - land with modern house in Bibile

Land with modern house

Houses, Bibile

Rs 42,000

5 Aug 2019, 4:50pm

Land - akkara2 in Kataragama


Land, Kataragama

Rs 8,000,000

3 Aug 2019, 4:35pm

Land - land from kataragama in Kataragama

land from Kataragama

Land, Kataragama

Rs 3,000,000

27 Mar 2019, 5:45pm

Land - කතරගමින් ඉඩම්  in Kataragama

කතරගමින් ඉඩම්

Land, Kataragama

Rs 200,000

31 Oct 2018, 12:39pm

Land - සියළු පහසුකම් සහිත නිවස සමඟ ඉඩම විකිණීමට. in Moneragala

සියළු පහසුකම් සහිත නිවස සමඟ ඉඩම විකිණීමට.

Land, Moneragala

Rs 5,000,000

5 Oct 2018, 11:04am

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