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Houses - adorable house for sale in digana-kandy. in Digana

Adorable House for sale in Digana-Kandy.

Houses, Digana

Rs 25,000,000

Premium Member

13 Jan 2022, 7:51pm

Commercial Property - oner in Digana


Commercial Property, Digana

Rs 30,000,000

31 Dec 2021, 5:34pm

Houses - house for sale in digana vijesirigama kandy. in Digana

House for Sale in Digana Vijesirigama Kandy.

Houses, Digana

Rs 6,500,000

Premium Member

30 Dec 2021, 12:57pm

Land - 40 perch  bare land for sale in digana , kandy. in Digana

40 Perch Bare Land For Sale in Digana , Kandy.

Land, Digana

Rs 5,500,000

Premium Member

27 Dec 2021, 6:31am

Land - 87 p bare land for sale in malpana / kengalla   in Digana

87 P Bare Land For Sale in Malpana / Kengalla

Land, Digana

Rs 12,615,000

Premium Member

27 Dec 2021, 6:31am

Mobile Phones - nokia 2.4 original in Digana

Nokia 2.4 Original

Mobile Phones, Digana

Rs 15,500

23 Dec 2021, 6:39pm

Land - 10p  valuable land for sale in digana 11th post. in Digana

10p Valuable Land for Sale in Digana 11th Post.

Land, Digana

Rs 3,750,000

Premium Member

23 Dec 2021, 6:37am

Land - land manikhinna in Digana

land manikhinna

Land, Digana

Rs 275,000

12 Dec 2021, 4:27pm

Houses - 25p house for sale in wijesirigama digana. in Digana

25p House For Sale in Wijesirigama Digana.

Houses, Digana

Rs 13,000,000

Premium Member

9 Dec 2021, 2:03pm

Commercial Property - 425.85 sqft office space in rajagiriya in Digana

425.85 SQFT Office Space in Rajagiriya

Commercial Property, Digana

Rs 37,500

31 Oct 2021, 1:06pm

Mobile Phones - apple iphone 7plus 256gb original in Digana

Apple Iphone 7plus 256gb Original

Mobile Phones, Digana

Rs 73,000

19 Oct 2021, 8:13am

Commercial Property - ව්‍යාපාර ගොඩනැගිල්ල in Digana

ව්‍යාපාර ගොඩනැගිල්ල

Commercial Property, Digana


17 Oct 2021, 8:18pm

Mobile Phones - apple iphone 6s (32gb) original in Digana

Apple iPhone 6s (32GB) Original

Mobile Phones, Digana

Rs 29,000

17 Oct 2021, 7:50pm

Pets - golden retrieve dog for sale in Digana

Golden Retrieve Dog for sale

Pets, Digana

Rs 120

5 Oct 2021, 8:03pm

Other Services - jcb work - for hire with operator in Digana

JCB Work - For Hire With Operator

Other Services, Digana

Rs 2,800

29 Sep 2021, 9:10pm

Other Electronics - tattoo machine full set. in Digana

Tattoo machine full set.

Other Electronics, Digana

Rs 35,000

26 Sep 2021, 5:37pm

Land - land for sale - near to pallekale  in Digana

Land For Sale - near to Pallekale

Land, Digana

Rs 5,700,000

25 Sep 2021, 6:08am

Other Food & Agriculture - compost fertilizer / කොම්පෝස්ට් පොහොර in Digana

Compost Fertilizer / කොම්පෝස්ට් පොහොර

Other Food & Agriculture, Digana

Rs 20

26 Aug 2021, 1:23pm

Land - kandy digana road land for sale in Digana

Kandy Digana road land for sale

Land, Digana

Rs 4,800,000

25 Aug 2021, 5:13pm

Mobile Phones - apple iphone 5s original in Digana

Apple Iphone 5s Original

Mobile Phones, Digana

Rs 15,000

21 Aug 2021, 12:49pm

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